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Raindrops by Blitzkrieg64 Raindrops :iconblitzkrieg64:Blitzkrieg64 0 1 Lyra speed drawn by Blitzkrieg64 Lyra speed drawn :iconblitzkrieg64:Blitzkrieg64 0 4
Mind of the Murderer
She was tired, bored and most importantly angry. Not only was she being tried for the murder of many different ponies over the past few weeks, a crime she had admitted to no less, they were taking forever in deciding the sentence! She already explained everything, the murders, names of the ponies, how she selected them and even threw in a bit of what she did with them before she dealt a killing blow. However, her voice and face changed slightly, it was undoubtedly the same pony but somehow the mind seemed completely different. She knew what was going on, where she was and why she was being sentenced but something about her said that she cared about life more than anything. This was the pony everyone else knew, the other just seemed to appear out of nowhere.
"Sometimes it just feels like there's somepony else controlling me. I know what's going on but I'm powerless to stop it..." Her voice quavered as she spoke, trying to hold back her emotions. Then suddenly she started crying, but lau
:iconblitzkrieg64:Blitzkrieg64 0 4
Harvest Muffin Day
Harvest Muffin Day
Today was the start of a season that everypony loved, Harvest Season. Sure it wasn't a "true season" like Winter or Fall but it was loved all the same because not only did it mean great fresh fruit and vegetables from all over Equestria but the start of the stockpile for Winter. This was a very important season for Ponyville, so important that it surprised a certain bubbly pink pony that they never really had parties to celebrate the start off the season. She decided to take matters into her own hooves and made preparations, dashing back and forth as she set up little "traps" for all the harvest ponies for when they started making their rounds. Little poppers and streamer shooters that wouldn't harm them, but might give them a bit of a startle while still being festive.
She worked throughout the night, setting up banners ready to be unfurled when the time was right. She set up everything like it was a big surprise party for all of Ponyville with her as
:iconblitzkrieg64:Blitzkrieg64 1 3
Twilight's Spell
Twilight's Spell
Trixie was just about to enter the town of Ponyville for the first time since the incident with the Ursa Minor. To her surprise everything looked pretty well as it did the first time she had entered the town as The Great and Powerful Trixie, even the wreckage that was her old caravan was no longer there. She took a few steps forward before a bubbly pink pony had come up to greet her.
"Hi, I'm Pinkie Pie, I haven't seen you before which probably means you've never been in town before or I was busy and just haven't seen you which is likely because I did have quite a few orders to fill out the last few days. So, what's your name new friend?" Pinkie smiled wide at Trixie as she awaited her answer.
"Umm, well my name is..." Trixie looked down and blushed a bit, she hadn't seen this pony before but surely she would have heard about the Ursa incident a few days ago. "Don't worry about my name, I'm just passing through and probably won't even be staying a day in town...
:iconblitzkrieg64:Blitzkrieg64 6 5
A Restless Night's Sleep
A Restless Night's Sleep
As she neared the town of Ponyville fatigue had finally caught up with her, mostly thanks to her dragging her new caravan at full speed down the side of a mountain without stopping on an empty stomach. She had tired herself out leaving her in the middle of the road just outside Ponyville. Her panting heavy and sweat dripping from her mane, she decided to stop and rest for what remained of the night and for once hoped she wouldn't gather too much attention.
"There's no way I'd be able to perform if a crowd forms here, not to mention a few certain ponies that might be holding a bit of a grudge..." She thought out loud to herself before letting out a sigh and unhitching herself from her caravan. "Guess I'll deal with whatever happens tomorrow." She entered the caravan and laid down on the bed inside, nice and comfortable just like a good room at the Canterlot Inn. Trixie's eyes weighed heavy and she found herself humming a lullaby she heard as a youn
:iconblitzkrieg64:Blitzkrieg64 4 8
Trixie's Time in Canterlot
Trixie's Short Time in Canterlot
It had been a short while after the events in Ponyville, and Trixie was tired out from everything that had happened. From the Ursa Minor destroying her caravan, props and favorite hat and cape to the three ponies that had hassled her, apparently not realizing her boasting was part of her act which she was determined to keep until she could leave. The only one she really liked of the ponies she met in Ponyville was a purple unicorn named Twilight Sparkle, sure she had shown up Trixie but before then she seemed like an alright pony albeit a bit on the shy side.
But all that was behind Trixie now, she was back where she belonged. In the mountain side castle town of Canterlot, plenty of opportunities to make enough money to get her a new caravan and a new outfit as well as being the one place she could actually be herself instead of having to pick out a new mask every other town. Mostly because she was raised in this area and everypony knew how to te
:iconblitzkrieg64:Blitzkrieg64 5 20
My little fox by Blitzkrieg64 My little fox :iconblitzkrieg64:Blitzkrieg64 0 0 Sunlight breaking through by Blitzkrieg64 Sunlight breaking through :iconblitzkrieg64:Blitzkrieg64 0 0 Random ducks by Blitzkrieg64 Random ducks :iconblitzkrieg64:Blitzkrieg64 0 0 Shadow Demon by Blitzkrieg64 Shadow Demon :iconblitzkrieg64:Blitzkrieg64 0 0 The Shadow Golem by Blitzkrieg64 The Shadow Golem :iconblitzkrieg64:Blitzkrieg64 1 1 Random explosion by Blitzkrieg64 Random explosion :iconblitzkrieg64:Blitzkrieg64 1 0 LC: Heatstroke by Blitzkrieg64 LC: Heatstroke :iconblitzkrieg64:Blitzkrieg64 0 0 Bryce, my Catboy by Blitzkrieg64 Bryce, my Catboy :iconblitzkrieg64:Blitzkrieg64 1 1 Young White Rose by Blitzkrieg64 Young White Rose :iconblitzkrieg64:Blitzkrieg64 0 0

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I would do something for this occasion. But I don't really feel like it at the moment, maybe later.

It's still pretty cool that I'm getting a good number of views. Though I'm pretty sure almost all of them are for my MLP fan fics that I've wrote since I don't really have much else to brag about on here. =P
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